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About The DaDs Army

The DaDs Army is a diehard group of gaming fathers hailing from mainly North America and Europe. We opened fire in 2002 on the very day Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was released. We soon became the first clan featured on EA's community website. To get a glimpse of our clan's proud history CLICK HERE to read the interview.

We play a number of shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty, we have a Tank Company in World of Tanks, and we enjoy race and flight sims. We have many DaDs who play RTS, MMOs such as War Z, even virtual golf. We are an adult, parent only gaming community.

The original game may have changed but the values, spirit, and camaraderie of the DaDs lives on with our proud history.

The DaDs Army members have access to private voice communications via our Teamspeak server, private message forums, guaranteed slots on our game servers, as well as our challenging inter-clan league. Not to mention the occasional challenge from other clans.

The DaDs Army clan is strictly for parents only. While there is a definite focus on DaDs, interested moms are welcome too, because sexism has no place within The DaDs Army! Gaming experience and skill is not the most important factor in gaining admission to The Dads Army. However, being a cool DaD is.

The DaDs Army has been known to get together on occasion. We understand life schedules, family responsibilities, and those kids in our lives prevent many from attending such an event.

Our primary goal is to have fun and with the clan we've assembled to date, that is exactly what we're doing. Think you have what it takes? It does not matter if you are from North America or Europe.