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The DaDs Army Recruitment Form

So You Want In?

This clan is strictly for parents only. After all, what is an elite squad without bold-faced elitism? And while there is a definite focus on dads, interested mums are welcome, because sexism has no place within The DaDs Army.


You stand a better chance of getting in if you are seen in our game servers and on our forums interacting with the DaDs. Have a quick look at the Rules and Regulations of the DaDs Army to familiarize yourself a bit with how things run around here. Also don't forget to review the About Us link as well. If you have any questions before you get started feel free to Contact Us.

Some other things that have no place within our ranks are:


Little snot-nosed punks with bad attitudes.

Racism, Bad Language or Cheating of any kind. Discussion in the message forum, shout box, or TeamSpeak server regarding religion and or politics.


The things we do promote within the clan are:


FUN! Friendship! Competitive Spirit! Friendly banter and general friendly smack talk! But above all else we all want to just have fun playing alongside other parents and their kids.


In order to ensure that only genuine child-rearing individuals become members, skill-testing questions are mandatory. Please note that first-person shooter, simulated driving and flying, and general clicking the mouse like a mad-man skills are NOT as important as the aforementioned criteria. Then again, it would be nice.

Oh, one last thing before you get started with the application form. The DaDs Army does not keep the lights on the server blinking for free. This is a private community of parent gamers and we encourage, but do not require, our members to donate to the clan, when they can to help out with expenses. When your application for membership is accepted you earn the [DaDs] tags designation in-game and throughout our message forum. (Note: members are obligated to wear their [DaDs] tags at all times when gaming, even if you are gaming on another clan’s server.) You obtain full access to our website and private DaDs only message forums, access to our private voice communications server, and are allowed to compete in DaDs events. Most importantly you become a member of a great private community of gaming adults with core values that keep out the punks and deliver a unique gaming experience you can be safe to bring your family into. Don't worry if you're not perfect. We aren't either. That's what makes our clan a fun place to be a part of.


Once we receive your application we will get back to you with details on how to connect with us. As a new recruit you will go into probation status and have access to our TeamSpeak server so you can get to know other DaDs and let us evaluate you too. After two weeks if all goes well you'll earn your [DaDs] tags and full access to our community.


Now on to the paper work...



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