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  2. Old School DaDs, Represent!

    That doesn't stop some of the regulars that come on discord!!! LOL :-)
  3. Old School DaDs, Represent!

    Bam Bam here, I still check in from time to time, I would love to drop by comms when I get a headset with a decent mic. Glad to see the [DaDs] are still alive and kicking, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all!!
  4. Gaming Cheap

    If you only play once in a while and your PC struggles with games you can look at LiquidSky. Its a gaming PC in the cloud. I've actually used it on my phone and laptop when I was away from home and anything you have in steam or origin will work on it. You just need to have a decent internet connection. You can pre-pay for a chunk of hours and use it as you go.
  5. Gaming Cheap

    Great info and a great idea. I also like when people post sales in the shoutbox. That has saved me a lot of money over the years.
  6. Gaming Cheap

    Been that I'm a cheap @#@$!@ and the fact it makes no since for me to spented 50-100 bucks on a game I might get to play for a couple of hours every few weeks and I know there are a few members the simply do not have the extra cash to buy the favor of the week I thought I would start a post for ways to save cash for gaming and or updating your system the 2 things i use the most are Speedway gas Station with there points card all kinds of ways to earn bounus points 22000 point will get you a 20.00 Steam gift card ( theres tons of other stuff you can get too) Since I am on the road I cant shop there like I use to but my wife still buys gas there and uses my alt ID so I earn points year to day 80.00 in gift cards The second one I use Is a phone app ibotta year to date I have made 115 bucks on it and cash out to pay pal and that is in 4 months If your a single dad or do the grocery shopping I recomend you look at this app grocerys best buy amazon hundreds of stores and online shopping to get rebates gas stations Alchol and truck stops if you down load the Ibota app and use promo code htpkrtn then i get a kick back if you use the app . So by the years end I will have saved over 200 bucks on gaming SO if you kinow of any programs or apps to save money on gaming post them up here
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