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The DaDs Army TeamSpeak3 Server

Below is the connection information for our DaDs Army TeamSpeak 3 Server.

PORT: 9988
PASSWORD: Found in DaDs Private Forums

All users must enter their designated username and password that were issued to them. THERE ARE NO OPEN-GUEST ACCOUNTS.

TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules:

  • There is zero tolerance for foul language. The statement "G*D D*MN*T!" is too strong, use that as a baseline for what language is acceptable. Give some thought to what you don't want your kids to say to grandmother on her next visit, and you are on the right track. How you deal with frustration during the game is up to you, please don't bring it on comms. Keep that finger away from the microphone transmit key.

  • Access to DaDs TeamSpeak 3 is limited to paying DaDs members, people that have been designated as DaDs Recruits, or DaDs Friends. DaDs TeamSpeak 3 is a benefit of membership and a controlled environment.

  • Political and Religious discussion have no place on the DaDs TeamSpeak 3 comms server. This can be a strong topic and can create problems. Just say no. We are here for gaming fun.

  • No fighting of any kind. DaDs members having issues should communicate through other means but not in a populated channel. Personal attacks are not tolerated. Find an empty channel if need be.

  • We have the right to remove anyone we feel is being abusive or disruptive on comms. 

  • Penalties for breaking TeamSpeak 3 rules are as follows. Depending on the offense there may be one warning, if the user does not comply with the rules, the user will be suspended for one week. If the offense is serious enough the user will have a one week suspension immediately. Any other disruptions and the user will be banned permanently. 

  • Please be considerate of other users, be aware of your personal noise level.