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Tips On Using New Website

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With change there is always a period of time to get adjusted to something new. This post will detail some of how our new website is laid out and show some of what members will be able to get the most use of. 



This area can be found on the top left of the website. It is where you login, set your avatar, sig, birthday, etc. You'll also see notifications, set status and access PMs. You'll also use this area to see your forum content, edit your profile, etc.




The top right of the website is the search bar, it can be used to search forums, users, etc.




You can change the website's background by clicking on the bucket icon found at the top right of the website and selecting a background scene.




At the top right vicinity of the website you'll notice a "View New Content" button that will display all new content, and forum posts you haven't seen yet.



Once you're on the "View New Content" page you can further customize the results. It defaults to showing you only new items you have yet to see but can be changed to show whats new in the past 24 hours, week, only items you follow, etc.




On the main navigation menu, top right, if you hover over the "About Us" link and click on DaDs Members you'll find a dynamically generated page that pulls all active DaDs names out of the database.



You'll notice at the bottom left of the website some interesting information including a more detailed link of users logged in.




Off to the right of that same bar, bottom right you'll find other interesting site and user statistics.




On the left of the website you'll see an area that shows NEW threads, or Discussions.



Below that, you'll see the news replies to threads, there is a difference!




Move over to the right and you'll see the DaDs calendar where members can organize events...



... and RSVP to them too!




You can also follow the event you're interest in and be notified of anything pertaining to it.




If you click on "Calendar" you'll see the DaDs calendar listed. You can click to follow the calendar and be notifed anytime there is a new event scheduled.




The different colored helmets displayed in the forum listing represent if there are posts that are new to you or not. A dull colored helmet depicts no new posts, while a greener helmet depicts something you haven't read yet. Clicking on the helmet will automatically mark all messages as read.




While viewing the list of posts in a forum you can click to "preview" a thread.




Let's say you're reading a joke from Shroud, and you like it. Let him know! Theres a like button on every message.



You scrolled to the bottom of a page, and can't be bothered to scroll back up. Click this little button and it will launch you to the top!



You'll notice the shoutbox has its own page which can be accessed through the main navigation menu up top, and a little number next to it reflects recent activity.



Clicking the double windows next to the word Shoutbox will provide you with a popup window.



You can hide the shoutbox on the front page by clicking this toggle button.


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I click on the drop down arrow next to my name and, the DaDs army logo covers all of the options.

  Have not seen that in any browser I've tried. What browser are you using? What version? And can you update whatever browser you're using (preferably to firefox or chrome) to whatever the latest is?

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this happens to me in my gaming pc ie 90.12 browser

and only with the profile window not the alert window or the message window

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Interesting, I just fired up my IE9, because I don't use it for anything other than testing. I don't see that happening, it seems to work above the logo. Screenshot to photobucket?
Like I said in another thread.

By the way, to anyone using INTERNET EXPLORER 9, or older. Our current site uses some modern techniques that IE9 has not picked up on yet. Those of you on the new IE10 will see no difference in the website's look. That being said we recommend you view our website in CHROME or FIREFOX browsers. Once IE10 is released for Win7 there should be no further issue for IE browser users.


So, we'll keep looking into it, but for now, a solution is to use one of the other popular browsers until an updated IE10 is available.

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Thats what I am running IE9 version 9.12 tried Pillars fix did not work. And yes its only for the drop down arrow. Would that be some kind of overlay i have to check off in ie9 settings?

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I'm having no luck pasting anything to the DaDs forums.  I've tried the Control Button approach too.  Is anyone else having this problem.  I really need to be able to paste.   I don't have this problem on any other application or website. Thanks for any suggestions.

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If you happen to live southeast of Houston in Clear Lake, you probably already know that NASA is moving the enormous Shuttle Carrier Aircraft from Ellington Field to its permanent home at the Space Center Houston visitor complex. You can't help but know; the move is closing Texas State Highway 3 and NASA Road 1 for several nights this week. The Boeing 747-100, originally built in 1970 and purchased from American Airlines by NASA in 1974, has served America faithfully for four decades of ferry flights, and the big aircraft needs to be hauled across the city (in enormous pieces!) to become a permanent outdoor exhibit.

Engineers from Boeing's Aircraft On Ground team have spent the past month cutting up the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft outdoors at Ellington Field—something that the AOG folks have never before done. The disassembly required a great deal of planning and careful execution, because rather than simply being disassembled for scrap, the plan was to re-assemble the plane after its eight-mile road trip. According to a representative from Boeing, this is the first time a 747 has been broken up outdoors, without help from a hangar, with the intent of piecing it back together again. The team noted that they needed to come up with a way to sever the enormous spar that bears the weight of the aircraft's wings (the "wing box spar," as it's called) so that the wings could be re-hung later.

IDK... pasting into the forum seems to be working for me at this time... 

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@Sith  As hq I need to draft something in word doc and then paste it into the forums.  Won't work.   I can't copy a photo bucket link to an image into the forums.  This means I have to ask someone else in Hq to do this work and I don't like not carrying my weight  :(  I've heard others complain about this as well. 

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But you can copy and past into other websites?


Have you tried another browser? 


And no problem on the reply, I have been too quiet around here, time to start rattling the DaDs cage again.... especially Sally's cage :P

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What browser are you using, IE? What version? Have you tried to see what happens if you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc...


Personally I use Chrome on all of my machines and have never had an issue.


Test pasting from word:


This is a test pasting into post area from Word 2007… Test Test Test!!!???^^^ 

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Joe, I just logged into the back-end (been a while) and checked your profile.  There is no forum restrictions or anything in your profile.  You are under the correct groups HQ, DaDs Gold Tags-Vet, etc., so I do not think its anything with your permissions etc.

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