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New Recruit Ruokim!

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The DaDs Army would like to introduce new recruit Ruokim.


Ruokim wrote:

I'm a happy working dad with a working wife, with the usual issue of not being able to get out much due to work, parenting, etc. I like the DaDs concept, just guys who like games, in similar circumstances, using online gaming to socialize and be guys (which usually involves blowing things to bits with some weapon or another). I'm a military reservist as well, and I've worn an Army uniform for 23 years. Although I am not in a combat trade, I am more attracted to games with a military slant. World of Tanks is my fav right now, and I eagerly await the expansion to World of Warships and Warplanes that is coming. I have played FPS like Quake and Medal of Honour: Allied Assault, but mostly campaign mode. I played Crossfire for awhile (a free to play FPS that was mostly team death-match style), but was frustrated by computer issues and the poignant disadvantage that comes with not paying for mods and guns. I do also like sports games, and would like to try some out again. I've tried a FTP MMPORG and levelled up a character for awhile, but lost interest after plateauing, the result of not joining an active clan. I look forward to being in a clan that has players on most of the time, not necessarily ultra-competitive, but willing to do some co-op stuff once in awhile. And the fact that this clan is not made up of immature loud mouth psychopaths is perfect. I hate players that get crazy and abusive when someone makes a mistake, especially the guys in WOT that blame their whole team when they get torched. I'll be playing several times a week usually, with occasional stretches away due to work. I hope to expand my library of games, especially exploring some of the FTP games in Steam. Looking forward to it!

Glad you found us, and we look forward to seeing you out on the DaDs servers. Welcome to your new recruit status and hope to see you after the probation period with full DaDs tags access in 2-weeks!

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