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New Recruit Spectator

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Please give a warm DaDs welcome to our latest recruit!! 


Game Name: Spectator


Check off the type of games you like to play:*: FPS, MMORPG

1. Statistically, an infant's first recognizable articulation is:*: Mamma

2. When a woman is giving birth, which of the following does she NOT
become?*: Dad's biggest fan!

3. Were it not something as cool as "Submit to Parental Authority", what
would be the most likely motto for The DaDs Army?*: Come up with a clever
one of your own!

Tell us about a memorable moment with your children. You can specifically
indicate any favorites or black-sheep amongst them.*:


most recently my wildest boy has taken to getting into a sleeping bag and sliding down the
stairs. he also can't stand the smell of his own crap so he sometimes will
throw up while pooping. i don't know why they do this, but all of them like
to take blankets and pillows and stuff them into their pajamas so they look
huge and then run into each other.

Provide a brief essay on why you should be considered for The DaDs Army, or
alternatively, mash the keyboard with your fist. Tell us about your game
style and games you enjoy. Make us laugh, or make us cry -- it's your call.
By the way, blowing this part off is a sure way to not get in.

Note: Although this application is written tongue in cheek for the most part
your essay is important. We don't know you personally and would like to hear
a serious reply on why you want to be a member of DaDs. It doesn't have to
be a novel, just let us know what you would like to get out of being a
member of DaDs and what you feel your contribution to the clan would be. If
you don't take the time to fill out all of the fields your application will
not be given fair consideration.


I don't know. I don't take myself too seriously, I enjoy laughing and having a good time more than anything. I
played WoW for years and most of that time it was simply not fun. I played
LoL for a while also but man the kids on that game.. So I play CS, TF2 and
GTA for the lulz, but I recently found Chivalry and even though its buggy as
hell, it's the most fun I have had online in a while. It is also not fun to
lose, and I freely admit I suck at that game, but I'm getting
better and this is a game that needs teamwork to win, so it's the first one
that's made me actively seek out a clan. I also work full time and go to
school, but when the kids are abed I get online most nights (sorry wifey).
I'm in California..

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