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New Recruit redshimmyGame Name*: redshimmy

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Game Name*: redshimmy

Real Name*: James Walker

Check off the type of games you like to play:*: FPS, RPG, MMORPG

1. Statistically, an infant's first recognizable articulation is:*: Mamma

2. When a woman is giving birth, which of the following does she NOT
become?*: Dad's biggest fan!

3. Were it not something as cool as "Submit to Parental Authority", what
would be the most likely motto for The DaDs Army?*: True, violence never
solved anything, but who do I look like, Sherlock Freaking Holmes?

Tell us about a memorable moment with your children. You can specifically
indicate any favorites or black-sheep amongst them.*: My Daughter doing the
'gangnam style' dance around my living room table. She even sings
"aaaaayyyyy sexy lady"

Provide a brief essay on why you should be considered for The DaDs Army, or
alternatively, mash the keyboard with your fist. Tell us about your game
style and games you enjoy. Make us laugh, or make us cry -- it's your call.
By the way, blowing this part off is a sure way to not get in.

 I play to win, always try my best... But
i never seem to win or do my best. I guess im tired of the same old gamers
moaning about everything and im sick of having no friends that have kids and
play alot of games like me.

I have been in many online forums, all of which have been affected by idiots
(30+ acting 3+). I love to have a joke and mess around but i can knuckle
down to some serious gaming when i need to.

I love recording my gameplay and putting it on youtube - fornrekkr. I could
record DaD members etc... Media and editing are my thing.

I also play guitar when i have spare time :)

Thats me in a nutshell.


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Welcome to the Clan.   I think you have found the right group.  Although some do whine.  But we have a higher mental age group here.


We might be up to 15 or so.  LOL.


Seriously   I think you'll like what we have here.  Welcome.



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