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New Recruit Tanglebones

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Please give a warm DaDs welcome to our latest recruit. 


Game Name*: Tanglebones

Real Name*: ian

Check off the type of games you like to play:*: FPS, RPG, MMORPG

1. Statistically, an infant's first recognizable articulation is:*: Mamma

2. When a woman is giving birth, which of the following does she NOT
become?*: Dad's biggest fan!

3. Were it not something as cool as "Submit to Parental Authority", what
would be the most likely motto for The DaDs Army?*: I have finished the
dishes. Do you mind if I go and play with my friends now?

Tell us about a memorable moment with your children. You can specifically
indicate any favorites or black-sheep amongst them.*: I'm getting on abit
now, I sure there were many, but one I remember most recently was my
youngest son being awarded his black belt in taekwon do.

Provide a brief essay on why you should be considered for The DaDs Army, or
alternatively, mash the keyboard with your fist. Tell us about your game
style and games you enjoy. Make us laugh, or make us cry -- it's your call.
By the way, blowing this part off is a sure way to not get in.

.*: Hmm, tbh. this isn't going to help my
cause atall.
But the truth of it is I need other dads help.
You remember Leroy from WoW?. well that could have been me.I love to play
Warz.I don't know why, it scares the krap out of me, I'll be easy to spot
though, I'll be the one trailing 25 zombies behind me whilst holding an
empty gun.I'd change weapons, but that would require a working knowledge of
the keyboard.
I do try hard, I know this, my wife often tells me I'm trying and if nothing
else I do enjoy a good chat.so I'm happy yo sit on ts3
I'm getting on now, I'm 47, I have high blood pressure and a weak bladder,
again probably not problems a gd gamer should suffer from.but there you go.
I've played most of the major mmos, I also enjoy fps and RPG's.and at the
moment playing Gw2 and Warz.
I really hope you can help, you maybe my last chance.

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