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New Recruit Manus47

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Give a warm Dads welcome to our newest recruit!!


Game Name*: manus46

Real Name*: roy

Check off the type of games you like to play:*: RTS, RPG, MMORPG, RACING

1. Statistically, an infant's first recognizable articulation is:*: Mamma

2. When a woman is giving birth, which of the following does she NOT
become?*: Dad's biggest fan!

3. Were it not something as cool as "Submit to Parental Authority", what
would be the most likely motto for The DaDs Army?*: I have finished the
dishes. Do you mind if I go and play with my friends now?

Tell us about a memorable moment with your children. You can specifically
indicate any favorites or black-sheep amongst them.*: well i got a
black-sheep moment with my son i was working in the garage on my 4wheeldrive
and the kid was helping me ( 4 years old then)and he got very quiet when i
looked up he got the tub of old oil out from under the workingbench and was
sitting in it covering himselve under the oil he just kept saying making
myselve pretty

I'm newish to the game looking for
friendly people
to have a laugh with and have fun in the game
I have been in the dutch army being a loader/driver in the leopard a4
thats where my interrest comes from for wot

We live in a small comunity in holland ( so
excuse me for my mistakes in english)
I am a digger driver in rl working unregular hours but home next to every
what can you expect of me
its not easy to talk about myselve lol
I'm a respectfull friendly guy who tryes to do his best and do his share as
good as possible
what would I like to get out of dad's
a whole bunch of friends to share good and bad times , geting and giving
advice in trying to raise the little rascalls and how to deal with their mum
taking part in things I havent been able to do in the game like clanwars etc
basicly seeing every part of the game and lvl


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Hi Manus, and welcome!  Here is the TS IP and the country is USA.


If you pop into the lobby and just stay there, even if you are afk, someone from HQ can give you permission to go into the different channels.

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