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WarZ Bug's

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It is recommended to use caution playing WarZ after the April 12, 2013 patch.  Players are getting injured coming out of safe zones.  Walking in safe zones.  Walking down hills.  And when stopping sprinting on flat ground.


I for one will stop playing the game until they fix this matter. 

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Yup. I just started playing again tonight, and actually talked my wife into playing. It was the most discouraging thing for us both. We had to spend GC to buy bandages to keep up with the damage from simply traveling. 

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Latest patch fixed the Melee weapons.  Katana is back to normal now.


But now you get guns that only have a few rounds in them.  Crossbows and flare guns have 0 ammo in them.  Double barrels have only 1 bullet in them.  And you still cannot reload clips.


Picked up an Uzi this AM.  Splinter.  On the short air shipment metal pallets.  Had 18 rounds of ammo in it.  But this was the ONLY items found for a 3 am server time run through there.


Money drops are very very few.



So.   Good luck with this...............................

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