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Old timer games

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Some of my old favorites. Anyone remember these? I have memories of many hours playing these. Funny, but now that I think about it. All my old favorites were games I played on my Commodore Amiga.


M1 Tank Platoon - Loved this game. Likes being able to control the whole platoon by command or by switching to that vehicle. Made setting ambushes so much fun


AH-64 Gunship - This was a blast. I remember playing this one for years.


Silent Service - Sub warfare simulation. Too many hours of enjoyement to count.


Oh man! I had to go back and edit this post. I left out Red Storm Rising and Harpoon. Two more great simulators.


What were some of your old favorites.

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I was a commodore guy too, Amiga 500, 2000, 2500 - then I switched to PC, the writing was on the wall but the Amiga had a great gaming base.


Some of my fav's:



Red Storm Rising

Speed Ball 2 Brutal Deluxe (broke a few joysticks playing this one...)

Cannon Fodder

M1 Tank Platoon


The Settlers

Dune II




The Chaos Engine (and pretty much anything by the Bitmap Brothers)

Eye of the Beholder


Several Ultima games

Silent Service

Fighter Duel: Corsair vs. Zero


I was a total Amiga junkie, ran a two line BBS for a couple of years on my 2000 in the early 90's. They were amazing machines for the time, too bad they didn't catch on like PC's did, but when you give away the OS you are going to win the war (same reason why Android will eventually rule the phone market)


Finny Finn

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My 1st video games were of coarse in the arcade. Defender, asteroids etc. etc. My 1st system was the Atari. My 1st computer was the commador 64, then the 128. Used to play Sid Myers Pirates for hours

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Yeesh, old memories.

After the arcades I got an Atari 400 (still have everything btw).  I used to type in programs from Compute magazine and then debug them for an hour, then play for an hour, then turn off the machine when it was time for bed.  The next day I would do it all over again and never complain.  That was when Dad decided to buy me a tape drive.  Caverns of Mars was the best game I ever typed in.



Every Ultima (plus Akalabeth)

Then I got an Atari 800XL and later a Commodore 64.  Moved into 5.25 world, hot stuff.

Loved Gateway to Apshai, Jumpman Junior, Centipede, Defender (played one game for 10 hours before I realized I would never lose), and was the king at Star Commander.


I think Ultima and every iteration was what kept me getting newer and better machines.

BTW, if you like a lot of the old games and want to play them again, check out GOG.com.  Stands for Good old Games or something like that.  Full downloads and it uses DOSBOX to play all of them.  Hooked again on Hammer of the Gods, Master of Magic, and the Ultima Underworld and OtherWorld Adventures again.

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My gaming started out with Arcade machines. I remember pilfering quarters out of my moms purse so I could go play games after school. Use to go to the 7-11 (convenient store) by my house and the hotdog place across the street from it to play whatever they had available. But my favorite arcade game to this day is Galaga. Whenever I see one somewhere, which is rare these days, I have to play at least 1 game on it.


Then I got a ColecoVision for X-Mas one year, that was my first "console". Then I got the NES, which I still have one around here somewhere, not my original, but I have still have one.


I didn't play my first PC game until a buddy a few houses down the block got an Apple iic. We use to play Wizardry on it.

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Road Rash and Outrun, the best games i ever played on the old consoles. my brother and me would spend days on Road Rash. some good memories to be had.

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