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hey I just started neverwinter, and im looking for a guild. my chars name is ana silverkin. im a causul player that plays a game ever day. I like to do all aspects of the game from daily D's to whatever.


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Welcome fellow Neverwinter...er, lol, glad you stopped by the forums.


If you haven't already taken a moment to take a look around the site and get a feel for what the DaDs Army is about please do.

Pay special attention to these areas: About the DaDs & Rules and Regulations


We have a smaller group of players in Neverwinter then we do in other games like Infestation or World of Tanks.

But if you are interested, meet the main requirement (you're a parent), then fill out the application form here.


Myself or one of our other members will try to catch you in-game.



I tried looking you up in-game, it's not listing an ana silverkin, there are ton of other silverkins, but no ana.

Are you playing on the Beholder Shard?



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My Character is SereenaWind   Mail on game is SereenaWind@sereenawind  I'd like an invite please.  Also just so you know when I've done a search for guilds on Neverwinter your guild name is not coming up.  I've tried it a few times and nada.  This is weird because that is where I found out about Dads Army but lately it just i not coming up under guild search.  Ed

I also have a character called Zapimall  Zapimall@SereenaWind.  forgot about tat one  Still making her.

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Ed, I sent you a friend invite in-game. It's from my El Kabong character. Once you accept that I will be able to send you a guild invite.


Also, I did a search for our guild and was able to find it. I don't know if the search is case sensitive or not but I typed in The DaDs Army, and it came right up.

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