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Fox News wants Gamers monitored!

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There are several commonalities between those shooters they failed to mention...   they all eat fast food, drink soda, not exercise enough...    pretty much all Americans.


Oh That's right, NSA is monitoring everyone already.   Problem Solved!

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As ridiculous as a lot of this stuff is, lets be honest with ourselves as well... does a 8 year old need to be playing GTA? We are desensitizing our youth to violence through all sorts of media, not just video games... Mom and Dad need to be Mom and Dad again, but its not the source of all evils, it just gives an outlet to someone that might have a less than firm grasp on reality.


That said... excuses for evil acts have been around forever. Music, Video Games, Elvis and his hip shaking.... etc...


Oh, and the American comment wasnt really needed, many people over all the world commit evil acts, just happens that in the US, guns are easier to come by... evil people will find a way to do evil things, if a gun isnt right there, they will use something else...


Anyways... this thread could go south fast so I will shut up now :)

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Opinions on Fox News.... not my number one choice for intelligence.  Hmm, actually no opinions on any TV News exhibit much thought, except for a limited few on PBS.

What I do not like is the fact that a news story has to consist of videos now.  Where are the words?  I do not like clicking on videos... videos make me angry... and when I get angry from watching videos I transgress from reality and want to find an aggressive outlet to exert my frustration upon.... luckily that means basket weaving for me, but it could have been worse.... it could be bocce! 



Of course, in this day and age I have to say this was all facetious because someone might take me seriously if I do not.   ... and that makes me angry... and when I ...........;)

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