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New Recurit nxgravity

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Welcome to a new recruit!!  Give a big Dads welcome to our latest recruit!


Game Name*: nxgravityvault


Check off the type of games you like to play:*: FPS, RTS, RPG


1. Statistically, an infant's first recognizable articulation is:*: Mamma


2. When a woman is giving birth, which of the following does she NOT
become?*: Dad's biggest fan!


3. Were it not something as cool as "Submit to Parental Authority", what
would be the most likely motto for The DaDs Army?*: I have finished the
dishes. Do you mind if I go and play with my friends now?

Tell us about a memorable moment with your children. You can specifically
indicate any favorites or black-sheep amongst them.*: My daughter is a year
old now, each day she amazes me. Thus far, the most memorable times with my
daughter are the times we spend outside. She absolutely loves the outdoors.
Every time a bird fly's overhead, she looks up with amazement. I love seeing
the excitement and wonder in her eyes.

Also the time she learned to sleep the entire night!


I don't have much time for gaming these
days, so when I do, I prefer to play with people my own age. People who see
the value in constructive conversation, and not the standard 12 year old
anti-conversational vomit revolving around my mother.

I feel that other DaDs may better understand my schedule, and the fact that
gaming is no longer my 1st priority. Or 2nd... or third... Somewhere in the
top 100, I'm sure :-/

I do, however, find myself gaming several times a week.

I just want to have fun!

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Ahhh.  Been a while since we had a new recruit.  Finally someone to shine meh boots, clean the rifles and take out the trash.


Tis' good to have a new recruit.





In all good Fun.  Welcome aboard.  See you around Team Speak.

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I need someone to come and dust my computer and wipe down my mouse pad, get it ready for the next match night. I will 

PM you my address NX, you make sure you make it to my house ROOKIE and straighten out my desk .....


Why are you still scrolling soldier......DOuble TIme !!!




Welcome to a great family brother, Enjoy your stay !!!

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