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Rust - The DaDs Army Server

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This forum is started for the pub's who play on our Rust server.


1.  Please read about us.  Also about our TeamSpeak server.  Not that you will join it unless you are a member.  But because we follow the same language requirements on our servers as our teamspeak.


2.  Our servers are run for our family.  This includes our children. So behaving like you are around children under 14 is key. 


3.  We will warn you once for language.  Both Chat and voice.   After that we kick once to show you we mean it.  Then ban.


4.  Hacking / Glitching / Scripting or any other way to cheat normal game play is not permitted.  If caught.  You will be banned, no questions asked.  Even using the Teleport function to get glitch into a house.  Is bannable.


5.  Suggestions to the server is permitted.  We only use Oxide plugins for now.  And they must be proven.  To eliminate hackers plugins that have back doors for cheating the game.


6.  If you enjoy our servers.  Enjoy our way of gaming.  Are a parent.  Or are just a mature adult looking to get away from the foul mouthed players.  Drop us an application under About us.  If you don't' hear from us.  PM DaDs HQ and we'll get you taken care of.


Enjoy the server.






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