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New recruit intreat in WOT

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You found the right place bro. We have plenty of hard core WOT players. Have a look at the top right of out web site at the about us link, submit an app and we will go from there. Glad you found us.

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Like Plasma said we have a nice amount of WoT players.

Check out the about us link, and if you like what you see then just submit a application and HQ will get you all the info you need to join us. As far as what Kebab said you have to take into account that he is REALLY OLD and the job of the new guy is to make sure he hasn't fallen asleep at the keyboard. I have his phone number, sometimes I have to call his house and tell his wife that Kebab went to get a drink and he is probably walking on the front lawn in his robe again wondering why he is outside.

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