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I'm Coming Home

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Out of no where, maybe a couple of weeks ago it started, a thought kept nudging me. I would be at work, at home, at my kid's practice, it would only be a brief thought. Yet with almost 2 years away from DaDs something kept telling me... go home


During my time away, I traveled around the web, experienced different gamer people, communities, even platforms. I've grown from a PC elitist to now loving my xbox one and wii u, especially with my kids, and made some friends along the way. Life has been good.


But the fond memories of nearly 8 years here, finally, were all I could remember. Things like Pillar calling everyone a hacker, bump drafting with Red Scorpion, FD crashing his plane on that island, Keg killing everyone, PartyPunk being chased by 50 zombies, Rep asking what kind of gun is on an IS7, Unreal calling out the tiers of different tanks, Skribe telling us there are two lakes,  RTB making people famous, anything Shroud, and dear ole Jim with that last stand. Too many more to list.


I know things have changed here over time, its not really the same. Yet I see the core still around and believe me after seeing whats out there? You still have something special here, don't let it go to waste.


Someone that is an admin PM me with the details needed to get re-assimilated.


I miss my old friends, I want to come home.

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As a grown man I never cry......I just cried....


George, good to see you again.


It will be a better time for me soon, with the paintball off season.

I'll be able to be around a bit more.

Can't wait!


Love ya man!



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Not going to lie, THAT SONG, was stuck in my head for days while I was getting ready to come back. But so glad I did, finally got on teamspeak and heard a bunch of familiar friends voices. Its like a time warp, its almost like nothing changed and I never was away. Thanks for the re-welcome on here and on FB, so... Back to some gaming and BS'n with the guys! Tonight with DaDs was great! The game didn't even really matter! Rep, please have a tissue!  :lol: I ran out of likes for my 24 hour period!  :lol:

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