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An evening of CS:GO with The DaDs Army

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So... I need reports from the field. How was it? Did everyone enjoy themselves? Is it something people would be interested in continuing on a semi regular basis?


Sorry I couldn't attend but like I posted earlier this week I had a wedding I was forced to attend. 


Oh, I think most people enjoyed themselves. I mean FD knows the sniper spots, but other than that. :ph34r:  


I don't know if this is the game that would unite a community after severage but it certainly is fun when you get it going with a set of familiar faces. Its a shooter, and its simple. Not too simple either. Good for old farts even though its dominated by competitive gamers in tournaments. Just have to make sure you set it to "casual" when you launch a game. The invite to match option is very easy to get friends in the game with you. It has different game modes as well so it can be played and mixed up. We had a nice turn out too, including some old names coming back for a night of gaming, getting the word through the social media resources the DaDs have begun to tinker with. I would say you can play this again. Maybe not even scheduling it, but probably best if it is on the calendar and a round of reminders go out before hand, you know we're dealing with busy, forgetful old farts here. So people that may have the game, you know, have it installed. LOL  :P  :)  :P  :ph34r:


Well done everyone. 

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