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Gaming PC for teenagers

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My two Junior's want PC's that are capable of gaming for a birthday / Christmas gift.  (we limit how much we spend for each event)




With a fair budget.  Needing pretty much all components. 


I am thinking a socket 1180 Core I5.  A mid priced video card $200'ish. 


Looking for ideas from you.  I want them to have upgradability.  But not break the bank on this. 


I do have 1 spare power supply that is good for gaming PC.  I think a 650W one.  That is fairly new.


Other than that.  I am limited on spare stuff.


Was thinking 1 small SSD.  1 TB hard drive.  WIndows 7 or maybe 10........  since they use it for school.


I do not want to worry about heat.


One of them wanted a gaming laptop, but when I told her she could not upgrade it, it deterred her.  She likes Borderlands 2 for now.  So......



Thoughts?       I personally would stick with ASUS or Gigabyte.   MSI has left a bad taste with  me with a MB I have had sent back twice now. 


Thanks in advance.  You do not need to be specific.  Maybe point out chipsets, but not exact MB models or CPU's.

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