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Insurgency Co-op Server

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Just wanted to let you know that the last week, I'm getting errors on the

following maps saying "Server is running an older version of the map" .


It won't let Me join and I disconnect from the server.


The maps I've had problems with so far:


Chu Chi Tunnels v. 2158

Haditha Dam v. 2158

Health Center v.2158

Jail Break v.2158

Karkand v.2158

Khanashin v.2158


Just wondering if these need to be updated or....


Some of the maps I have downloaded are v.2160



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Where did you get the maps from? Did you download them from the server, did you get them from the Steam workshop, or did you find them on the net?


They may have made some changes in the last Insurgency patch that causes an issue with the maps. Do you know if Widow having the same issue's as you? 


**EDIT** I sent you a PM with some info in it.


**EDIT-2** Apparently there was an update to Insurgency yesterday (1/29/16). Running the update on the server now.


**EDIT-3** Server is updated and working. What you saw was the fact that your client was updated to version 2160 and the server was running version 2158. So this has been corrected.

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