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Hi everyone

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Just wanted to introduce myself, signed up to the website but can only see the public forums - so this might need moving.


Started gaming over 30 years ago with a ZX81 and owned just about every computer and console since then.  Was a heavy gamer some years ago playing competitively in MoH, CoD, BF, CS (to name a few).  That took a hit when we started a family and just getting back into gaming now, but just for the fun this time round.  Currently playing SWToR, The Division beta, Black Ops, Mad Max - have other games installed like Dying Light but not really started playing that yet.  Really enjoying the beta of The Division and looking forward to the game launching.


Bit about me, I am aged 45, married and 2 girls (13 & 12) and recently moved to Spain to start a new life.  Did live and work in Newmarket before the move and was a financial adviser, now in Spain and currently not working and enjoying my gaming time while the kids at school.  RL name is Dale and my gamertag is Samureye13.


Hope to catch you on a server soon.

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Hello and welcome..  Dying Light is the game right now that a lot of us is having fun with. Hope to see you in the game.  PS watch out for the guy PartyPunk... :D :D :D

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