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Bulldog is back... new build looming and ready to game!

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Hey DaDs! So, it's been a solid 4 years of on again, off again logins from me - somewhat because of my career move down here to Huntsville, AL back in 2012 but mostly because when I joined back in 2010, my PC was slow THEN. Now? Even my wife calls it a giant paperweight. With that being said, I am finally in the process of building a new mid-high end enthusiast machine that I can be proud of. So much has changed in technology since my AMD 64 FX 5600 was out so before I pull the trigger I have a cuple of questions for those of you gents who are complete HW nuts!


Ok, here we go. The main purpose of this rig will be daily web surfing and high end gaming (locked 60 FPS on the latest games / don't need 4K yet). I do need something that can handle a lot of photography work and some video processing. My budget is ~$2K


Processors: Intel x99 (Haswell-e 5820K) VS z170 (Skylake 6700K)  


Pros for the 5820K:

  • Overclocks well
  • 6 Cores - better for complex computing power
  • x99 allows for more PCIe lanes = more cards / equipment plugged in later on
  • Older chipset (2014) but is battle-proven and stable
  • x99 chipser is releasing Broadwell-E later this year = I'll get even more life out of of x99 with a newer x99 board that takes DDR4 / 3.1 USB etc and can upgrade to a newer chip next year.

Cons for the 5820K:

  • Older chipset
  • Slower clock speed
  • Slower single thread performance VS 6700K
  • x99 boards are still $200-$300

Pros for the 6700K

  • Newest chipset
  • 4 cores
  • Slightly cheaper than the x99 chips
  • Faster Clock speed
  • Faster single treading performance
  • z170 boards have good offerings in the $150-$200 range

Cons for the 6700K

  • Fewer PCIe lanes - Mostly a future SLI / upgrade concern as I probably won't use the PCIe enabled storage devices today but what will my limitations be in 2-3 years when more devices use these lanes and I have 2 980 Ti's in SLI :) ?


The rest of my build is pretty straightforward:

  • Fractal S1 case (windowed)
  • EVGA 850W Gold PS
  • Asus Z170-A mobo (or equivalent x99 board)
  • Corsair Vengeance RAM - 16GB
  • Corsair H100i v2 water cooling
  • NZXT Vue+ lighting
  • Gigabyte GTX 980 (Windforce)
  • SanDisc Extreme Pro 480GB SSD (will have a 1TB HDD for bulk storage and a NAS to push my photography files / backups to)


Sorry for the long post, but most of you are hardcore gamers AND many of you have the same system needs as I do. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you have, what you know works, and what you would do if you were building today as well. 


Thanks guys!


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So... I'm leaning towards the i7 6700K. However the geek in me really wants the x99 5820 so I can keep stacking up 980's. Why couldn't I just be a console gamer? :)

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I just did a complete rebuild and used the i7 6700K.  I don't over clock so it was probably over kill, but it runs everything I throw at it.  While you are rebuilding get a copy of The Division and jump in with Keg, Widow, Tony960, Pillar and me : )

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