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Well Hey and Hello

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Gunner here, used to be [DaDs] Gunner with the wife [DaDs] GunnersMate


Just wanted to stop in and see how things were, let everyone know we are still kicking, I missed the COD4 weekend, would have loved to try that out again, but I'm still missing following Rockwell over the danged Crossroads bridge in MOHAA.


I retired this year, Gunnersmate, ( Mary ) has four more years at the BOE and she is ready to give it up as well, I saw Swiper in here, I do a little world of tanks too Swiper but I suck.


I'm thinking of Battlefiled 4, the boy, you knew him as SkyhookJr who is now 6 ft 3 says it good, but he works 60 hrs a week


Later gents, drop me a line ifin you want, wouldn't mind catching up

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Gunner Thanks for stopping in. We don't play much BF 4 at this point but we are playing a number of other games as well as WOT. There is no ONE game we play like back in the day. Hit me up on a pm and I'll give you the run down. I'm retired too and love to game with the DaDs. I'm also a "kept man" since my wife is still working. LOL

Jade / Joe

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Hey Irish, I do play a little world of tanks but I'm still suck at it, the handle is DamGunner, I sent you a friend request, yeah Irish, long time no see, feels good to chat it up with ya

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