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Racer X

Google WiFi (Google home wireless solution)

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1st off it rocks.


My house is about 3200 sq/ft with my Xfinity modem in my basement. I had tried several methods of getting wireless coverage throughout my whole house with mixed success. The best results were using a MOCA setup from Netgear but it caused issues with one of my cable boxes. 


I was starting to research the cost to have a run from my wife's home office, centrally located on the 2nd floor, to the basement and quotes were coming back at $1K plus.


I decided to try the Google WiFi system for $300. Setup was really easy and the coverage is great. There are 3 units and Google claims it will cover a 4500 sq/ft home.


I have 1 next to the cable modem, 1 on the 2nd floor, and 1 in my wife's office. I had range extenders in all of these locations so this was a pretty good comparison.


Setup was very easy. You download an app to your phone, plug the 1st unit into your network, wait for the prompts, scan the QR code on the back of the units and you are online. From opening the box to finish was maybe 10 minutes.


Coverage is great. Where I had dead spots at the far ends of my house I am at 75Mbps. Where I had coverage but at about 6Mbps I am limited by my 100Mbps internet connection.


It uses Mesh so coverage is seamless. No more hopping between networks based on where I am in my house. I also get great coverage on my patio where it used to be totally dark.


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