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Time for Deflord to Rebuild

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So - I have been out of the PC Gaming for the last few years (3-4 I have to sadly say)  :(   Life got in the way - now with a kid out on his own, my other kid in college and just have one 11 year old at home.  And over the weekend we pulled out my old gaming rig - because he wanted to see the PC I had built before (He asked me for a Gaming Rig from Dell) - I told him I built my last one - so he wanted to see it so he was in awe of it.  And showed him on newegg the different kind of cases you can buy different colors and etc.  LOL!  It was like candy for him.  So - granted this Old man had been schooling his teenagers on console gaming but it doesnt feel as good as using a mouse and keyboard.  So I am looking to get back into the old school gaming - with the PC.  (I hope there are still servers with crazy people we can blame and say HACKKK!)  Nah kidding!   


So when I pulled out my rig yesterday and started updating (oh goodness - 3 years of updates to do)  


So my rig is currently a



4 GB G.Skill RAM (that is 4 1 gig sticks)

256 GB SSD Hard drive

500 GB 7200 Hard drive

NVIDIA GTS8800 Video Card

100 MB NIC card 


So as you can see this sucker is probably slow as heck in any FPS type games or any games of that matter..LOL!  So its time to do an upgrade - 


So what would be a reasonable set up for gaming - 


i5?  i7?  or the new AMD chip? 


16 GB I think is reasonable memory for RAM

256 for OS and 500 for Games/Apps should be reasonable


Video Card?  I see so many diff flavors out there?  Recommendations?


MOBO Recommendations?  




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16 to 32GB of RAM

SSD and HDD you have are fine, although the newer ones have better read/write speeds


some flavor of ASUS 

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You can practically throw parts in a box these days and have it run just about any game good to great. The extra care and price comes for wanting to run it in ULTRA!!!  :lol:  :D  :ph34r:  :)

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